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What is my Soul Purpose or Soul Path in this life? Am I heading in the right direction? What has transpired in my past lives that is affecting me in THIS life? On a different level, what can my Natal chart tell me astrologically about myself? Welcome to Readings by Barb. Take a look around, explore my site, and see the several options for guidance that I offer you through my gifts that I would like to share with you!



I have spent the last 15 years on an amazing spiritual learning journey. At times painful beyond anything I could have imagined, but also so joyful I felt as if I was walking on air! I learned so much! I have been drawn to all things spiritual from about the age of 12 or 13. Edgar Cayce was my first introduction to the Akashic Records (my passion!). Little did I know it would be 50 years before I found a wonderful teacher who would help me to become an Akashic Records Practitioner and Healer.  Thank you Barbara!! 

My love of and for Astrology began several years later and has stayed with me throughout my life. I have been blessed to study with Susyn Blair-Hunt, world renowned Psychic, Astrologer and soooo much more! I’m honored to call her a dear friend and wise Mentor in this life! My interest lies in Evolutionary Astrology, which is the study of how past lives and Reincarnation interact and influence our current life. I have just completed my Masters Certificate in Evolutionary Astrology from  Steven Forrest's FCEA (Forrest Center for Evolutionary Astrology).  I love the way that Steven Forrest teaches, and our teachers have been so wonderful! I am humbled and honored to now be working for the FCEA as a Tutor, teaching this subject I love!!!

I have been a Reiki I and II practitioner since 2009.

As I approached my second Saturn return (15 years ago - imagine that!), the pressure to work on all-things-spiritual, to heal those areas that needed healing, and to prepare myself to become a healer for others demanded my attention. Its been a rough ride at times. I have had many health problems that have taught me so much about the nature of physical pain, as well as learning to face emotional pain from past lives which helped me to face the emotional pain of this life. What a long, strange, interesting trip its been! I need to add that without the sometimes hourly help from my beloved Spirit Guide Mad-di-san, I would NEVER HAVE MADE IT. Her wise and often (in the beginning) cryptic counsel kept me going even when I wanted to give up. In the beginning of our relationship she told me to “allow things to unfold”.  Little did I know 15 years ago that this simple phrase  would apply to almost every situation I would be challenged by... Thank you dear Maddi!  Love uuuuu SO!

Cathi Bew, one of the most gifted Tarot readers on the planet also gave me great direction. Her readings were spot on and I love her laugh and wonderfully wicked sense of humor! Grateful that she has become a dear soul sister.

Lastly, I must also thank Tanya. She gave me my first karmic astrology  reading. It was SO profound, and I was so new to this study, that it would be years before I fully appreciated the depth and breadth contained in it. I was blessed again to get to know her on a personal level. I truly believe that she has one foot on Gaia and one beyond the veil. Her knowledge of spiritual concepts is immense. Sadly, she has retired and no longer does readings, but I treasure the time spent with her through emails. 




That's the first part of my journey - this is the next. Hoping to be the Healer for all of you that I've been learning to be...

Love & Light Barb 

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Please click on the reading selections for a detailed description of what each one entails.

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Here are the services I offer and a description of each one of them. Feel free to ask me any questions at

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Akashic Reading

What are the Akashic Records? The Akashic Records exist in the the realms of Spirit; on the other side of the veil. They are an immense living library that contain the records of every being that has ever lived. All thoughts, desires and actions are recorded there. A reading will take you to your personal records and allow you to ask about situations of concern to you, as well as past lives that are affecting your current life. Your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones are waiting to assist you when you journey there. If you have ever wanted to know about these things please contact me to schedule an appointment.


Evolutionary Astrology Natal Chart 

What did you choose to work on in this life? What gifts did you bring with you? Challenges - how many are you working on?? What mask(s) are you wearing? A natal reading can show you much about who you are in this life, what you primary soul purpose is, what challenges you face and strengths you have. Natal chart information is always helpful in learning more about yourself and how you see the world and how the world sees you. Also, what past life influences did you include in this life?  To have a natal chart drawn up, email me with your date of birth, time of birth and location.

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Akashic Reading and Chart Insights

I have recently been asked to include questions about clients Natal chart while in their Akashic Records. It has been sooo rewarding and eye opening for both of us!  If you are familiar with your natal chart, and Nodal story, this is something I would highly recommend you try.

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"Getting an Akashic Record reading from Barb was truly a gift. This was my first time receiving a reading, and it was such a beautiful experience. The guidance I received deeply resonated with me. From understanding what my soul’s gifts are to learning what I’ve come to work through in this lifetime were just a few of the many gifts I received throughout the reading. When we were finished, I left feeling seen, knowing I was supported on my path, and was excited to work on the guidance I received. Barb is a deeply intuitive, compassionate, patient, loving and gifted soul and I highly recommend working with her!" 

Marsha D

Thanks so much for the Akashic Reading - really brought everything to the surface so I can adjust my perception and speak up more! Now that it's in my consciousness, I'll be able to act on those very things - already seeing a shift in perception with my relationship.

Susyn Blair-Hunt

 Well, what can I say? To say I was blown away by Barb's astrological chart and reading is a wee bit of an understatement! It was insightful, illuminating and, at last, confirmed the journey I'm taking and have been taking through life, if what it is truly meant to be and have been. It was akin to shining a celestial torch into the being that is me and revealing me for who I am and my purpose in this life. A unique, precious, very personal awakening and understanding just for me, by a very gifted, friendly and beautiful soul. Thank you Barb. I will treasure this forever. xx

Catherine Bew


"Allow things to unfold."


For any questions about readings, please email me at the email address below.   Also, if  you are requesting a Natal Chart reading I will need your date of birth, EXACT TIME of birth, and the place you were born.  Please email your birth information to the email address below.
Thank you!

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